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North Carolina Fatherhood Development Advisory Council

North Carolina Fatherhood Development Advisory Council (NCFDAC) is an independent statewide network of practitioners committed to...                                                               

  • Serve as a technical assistance resource and conduit of information for fathers and families across the state;
  •  Promote and host statewide symposiums relative to issues concerning responsible fatherhood, advocacy of fathersí rights, awareness of gender bias, and the general well being of families;
  •  Connecting organizations (government, private and non-profit) with similar goals for greater impact in their particular service area.
  • Assure that Fatherhood becomes a statewide emphasis by serving as a catalyst in raising awareness of fatherhood issues (male literacy , academic achievement, job placement, skills training, and court  judicial practices) An over whelming number of minority fathers are imprisoned in Department of Corrections, promotion of male health issues such as prostrate disease prevention and treatment, STDís & male contraception methods.
  In the organization's vision to provide direct advocacy and program consultation and training, the North Carolina Practitioners' Network for Fathers and Families (NCPNFF) -an affiliate to the National Organization - was created.

The NCFDAC convenes on the third Monday of each month for information sharing and networking. For meeting dates and location, please click here.

If you have any questions please email us at NCFatherhood@Zoomshare.com

NCNPFF/NCFDAC ~ Post Office Box 26631 ~ Raleigh, NC 27611-6631


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